Servants of The Heart of The Father

The Father is saving His son

Mission Statement

Servants of the Heart of the Father is a Catholic Ministry founded on the Biblical principles that life is sacred from the moment of conception to the last breath of life. We pray and fast for the gift of God’s life to be restored where it has been destroyed and to be renewed where it has been significantly lost. We believe God wants his people to be saved by experiencing the power of the Cross through forgiveness and healing. It is the Father’s desire that even the most hardened of hearts should be given every opportunity for conversion through Jesus Our mission also includes praying for the power of the Holy Spirit to come forth as a renewal of God’s shepherds – His bishops, priests, and deacons. Through the grace of God it is possible that all people will be able to see Christ in everyone they meet.

Spiritual Directors: Fathers Paul Albenesius, Ross Burkhalter, and Walter Nolte

Director: Merline Sprunk

Healing from Abortion:
Prayer and healing from the pain of abortion: Confidentiality is assured.

For more information:
Fr. Rodney Kneifl, founder
408 1st St., P.O. Box 218
Platte Center, NE 68653-0218